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Why Is Shark Finning A Problem?



Without sharks, this might be the future for our ocean, algae plains.

We have a mission that one-day, all animals and their homes will be safe from poaching, hunting and overall cruelty. We hope they are free to roam wherever they please, and can live in harmony with us , humans.

Currently, shark finning is one of the biggest environmental crises ever. An average of 76 million sharks are killed each year attributable to shark finning. If sharks go extinct, entire ocean ecosystems will topple, causing severe unpredictable, and unimaginable disasters. Due to the complex structures of food webs and ecosystems in the ocean, there is no way to predict what exactly will happen if sharks go extinct. All scientists know is that there will be grave consequences.


One possibility with sharks being extinct is fish populations will bloom, and the oceans will overpopulate. This directly impacts us, as a sudden increase in the fish population results in large quantities of algae being consumed, meaning some fish will suffer from malnutrition. After this there will be no animals to stop algae and moss, which will lead to total destruction of reefs, which is the home of many animals like starfish, which will also become extinct. After all this, algae and kelp in the sea will rapidly grow because there is nothing to eat it. And are oceans will be filled to the brim with algae and moss. This could evaporate and would cause harmful gases and acidic rain. In the the end, the species that started this, humans, will also be brought down along with the sharks.

All this sounds out of this world , but it could happen any second, and thats why protecting animals is so important, because you never know, in the end, harming animals could harm you!

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If you want to know even more about the horrors of shark finning, you can watch the video from national geographic below

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