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Saving the world's sharks begins at your computer, dining table, or home. If you help us, whether by funding us or helping us physically, it will make a big difference to us and to all the sharks silently pleading for us to stop shark finning. Take action now and join the motion to stop shark finning today! 

Ways to help at home.

Signing Contract

Petition for anti-shark finning

During the ongoing pandemic, we are sadly unable to organize any live events or activities to save the sharks. However, there are plenty of things we can do at home to stop shark finning too. Lets do our part to support the motion to stop shark finning today! 


Boycott restaurants


Spread the message 

Signing or starting petitions to stop shark finning is a great way you can contribute to this movement. Signing petitions help you and people you know to express your views. With the power in numbers, you have a chance to convince people, organisations, or even the government to do the right thing and stop shark finning.  Stay tuned by joining our newsletter for a post on the blog for a link to an online petition to stop shark finning. Meanwhile, you can go to other online petitions to sign and make your voice heard!

Petitions to stop shark finning from other organisations:


2.Hong Kong Shark Foundation:

3. Shark Allies:

......And More!

Just because this might be the easiest thing to do, doesn't mean it isn't effective. In fact, this is probably one of the most effective things you can do to help our fellow sharks. Boycotting restaurants puts them under peer and financial pressure to do the right thing. Also supporting restaurants that don't serve shark fins will help promote the right behavior. Boycotting shops that sell shark fins is also a fantastic idea. For those who love eating shark fin soup, don't worry! Scientists are working hard to create a more sustainable alternative to shark fins that taste and feel the same, so stay tuned by joining our newsletter, we will provide updates on our blog.

You have a voice! To help the sharks all over the world at home, you can spread the word about shark finning, and advocate for all the suffering sharks around the globe. Whether with the power of social media or using traditional flyers and posters, we are sure it will make a big difference. By raising awareness about the cruelty of shark finning, you are single handedly saving animal's lives. So open your social media platform, take out your coloring paper and start advocating for this motion today!

Ways to stop shark finning:

1. Share our website on social media

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